Sealing and healing caps

Sealing caps and titanium healing caps

Sealing caps, titanium healing caps or protective caps for VEGA and VEGA+ systems.

Sealing and healing caps

Sealing and healing caps


Sealing cap

In those surgeries where it is necessary to keep the implants submerged and covered by the mucosa, it is necessary to protect the interior of the implants. KLOCKNER VEGA and VEGA+ implants are equipped with grade-V titanium sealing caps, without transmucosal height, specific to each implant diameter.


Ti healing caps

In non-submerged or semi-submerged surgery, healing caps of different heights and diameters are used in order to guide the healing of the soft tissue surrounding the implants. The KLOCKNER VEGA and VEGA+ implant system provides the ability to use grade-V titanium healing caps of 2, 3, 5 and 8 mm transmucosal height. They are available in two different forms: narrow and wide, the latter being used when a PERMANENT abutment is to be placed.


Ti protective caps

Titanium protective caps are used to protect the abutments once placed permanently on the implant and their removal is not necessary. They protect the abutment and screw entrance from bacterial plaque and food debris and prevent soft tissue growth around the implant/abutment assembly, maintaining easy access to the coronal portion of the abutment for subsequent insertion of the prosthesis or structure.


Usage and placement

It is recommended that the sealing and healing caps be placed manually. Sealing caps, healing caps and protective caps must be sterilized before use and are not reusable. It is important that the adapters are well preserved for use as a conveyor.

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