Scan Abutment


i-medlocate® precision and accuracy

Why i-medlocate®?



i-medlocate scan abutments are designed to optimise the taking of intraoral impressions and facilitate their transfer to digital files. The circular occlusal face allows you to transfer the depth at which the implant or abutment has been placed. Additionally, the lateral flat face accurately shows the orientation of the connection, thus ensuring the structure fit.



i-medlocate scan abutments are made of titanium so that they can be sterilised and reused. The reference laser marking of each scan abutment facilitates its identification. They contain a screw with a 1.2 mm head that meets the requirements of each connection.



i-medlocate is currently available for direct impression on KLOCKNER SK2, KL, Essential Cone, VEGA and VEGA+ implants. Similarly, i-medlocate is available for taking impressions on KL multi-hex abutments, Essential Cone octacone abutments (12° and 25°) and multi-cone (17° and 30°), as well as VEGA and VEGA+ PERMANENT abutments (single-tooth, multiple-tooth and angled). In addition, we continue to develop new libraries for compatibility with other implant brands.



i-medlocate provides free libraries for works carried out on medproTiBase abutments. For all other works, these abutments are only compatible with the KLOCKNER milling centre: Archimedes.

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