Screw-retained solutions

Screw-retained prostheses

Intermediate pieces and direct pieces for screw-retained prostheses on Essential Cone.

Screw-retained solutions


DIRECT screw-retained prosthesis - abutments with machined base

The Essential Cone prosthetic system provides the ability to cast machined-base structures for single-tooth direct-to-implant restorations. The castable abutments are made with a gold or cobalt-chrome base with a castable height of 12 mm.
These abutments have a 20º shoulder design that facilitates prosthetic seating, distributes masticatory loads, reducing stress on the superstructure, and allows for anatomical healing of the gingival margin.


INDIRECT screw-retained prosthesis

  • 12° octacone straight abutment

For prosthetic solutions with intermediate pieces, the Essential Cone prosthetic system has a straight anti-rotational abutment made of grade V titanium and with the ttc* system. This abutment has a 12º external cone and a transmucosal height of 2 mm. The black burn-out abutment should be used in single prostheses and the white one should be used for multiple prostheses.

  • 25° octacone straight abutment

The Essential Cone prosthetic system has monobloc, straight and rotating intermediate pieces made of grade V titanium and with the ttc* system. These abutments have a 25º external cone that allows the insertion of multiple screw-retained structures and different transmucosal heights of 0, 1, 2.5 and 4 mm.

  • Octacone angled abutments

To correct the insertion axis of the prosthesis, the Essential Cone prosthetic system has angled abutments made of grade V titanium and with the ttc* system. These abutments for indirect screw-retained restorations have an angle of 17° and 22° and are designed for both single and multiple structures.

  • 17º and 30º multi-cone abutments

Another solution for angle correction in the Essential Cone system is the use of multi-cone intermediate pieces. These grade V titanium abutments have an angle of 17° and 30° with different transmucosal heights and are designed for multiple indirect screw-retained restorations.

*ttc (Tight To Cone): The TTC system consists of a screw with two threads, one clockwise and one anticlockwise. The clockwise thread at the apex of the screw fixes the abutment to the implant. he reverse thread, located approximately in the middle of the screw, performs the self-ejection of the abutment. The screw must be screwed into the abutment correctly: the anticlockwise thread is to be screwed in anticlockwise. Finally, the clockwise thread can be screwed in clockwise.

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