Individual retention attachments for overdentures support.



SK2 hexagonal ball attachment

The straight hexagonal ball attachments for SK2 implants are available in two different transmucosal heights: low ball attachment and high ball attachment with a 2 mm transmucosal collar. or optimal retention of the overdenture, the low-ball attachments should be placed with a washer. There are two types of washers: flat or slanted. The use of the slanted washer allows for the correction of the implant axis, facilitating axial entry of the overdenture.


SK2 angled hexagonal ball attachment

For those cases where it is necessary to correct the angle of the implants, this system has high hexagonal ball attachments with an angle of 15º and a transmucosal collar of 2.5 mm in the lower area and 3.8 mm in the upper area.

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