Screw-retained solutions

Screw-retained prostheses

All types of solutions for screw-retained direct-to-implant restorations with intermediate pieces.

Screw-retained solutions

Screw-retained solutions


DIRECT screw-retained prosthesis - abutments with machined base

The KLOCKNER VEGA and VEGA+ prosthetic implant system provides the ability to make cast machined-base structures. The castable abutments are made with a gold or cobalt-chrome base of transmucosal height 1 mm and a castable height of 12 mm. A distinction can be made between castable abutments for single-tooth direct-to-implant restorations (with anti-rotational system) and for multiple-tooth direct-to-implant restorations (without anti-rotational system).


INDIRECT - PERMANENT® screw-retained prosthesis

The intermediate pieces of the KLOCKNER VEGA and VEGA+ (NV and RV) prosthetic implant system are the PERMANENT abutments, which are suitable for immediate loading. The use of these abutments on the day of surgery allows for the healing of the tissues on the final abutment keeping intact the bond of the soft tissue with it.

- PERMANENT straight single-tooth
Straight abutment made up of 2 independent pieces (joining screw and abutment) for single-tooth restorations. Available in transmucosal heights of 1, 2 and 3 mm.
- PERMANENT straight multiple-tooth
Straight monobloc abutment for multiple-tooth restorations with transmucosal heights of 1, 2 and 3 mm and 20º taper.
- PERMANENT angled multiple-tooth
Abutment available in 18º and 30º angles for multiple-tooth restorations with transmucosal heights of 2, 3 and 4 mm and 20º taper.

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