Occlusion in every second

Sensor technology designed for occlusal analysis

Why T-Scan®?


Objective data

T-Scan is the only solution available on the market that offers instantaneous occlusal data, including time sequence and bite force. Consequently, this medical device brings objectivity and precision to patient occlusion records allowing treatment to be carried out with much more certainty and safety.


Easy to use

Assessing occlusal forces is as simple as having the patient bite down on the sensor. The device transfers the results in real time to the software, which records and displays the results in a clear and visual way.


Load intensity and forces

In marks made with articulating paper there is no scientific correlation between the intensity of the colour of the mark*, its surface area, the magnitude of the force or the time sequence of the contact. However, the occlusal analysis system of this device quickly and accurately determines what a mark made with the paper means.

*Kernstein RB. Reducing chronic masseter and temporalis muscular hyperactivity with computer-guided occlusal adjustments. Compend Contin Educ Dent. 2010 Sep;31(7):530-4, 536, 538 passim.


Improved durability

This technology makes it possible to significantly improve the durability of treatment outcomes, reducing unscheduled visits and treatment times.



By obtaining a dynamic record of the occlusion, it is possible to store the video file in the patient database. These files make it possible to raise the level of patient instruction and communication. T-Scan enables you to earn the patient’s trust, as you will have objective data that will support the treatment.

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