Sealing and healing caps

Caps and protectors

To protect the connection of KLOCKNER SK2 implants

Sealing and healing caps

Sealing and healing caps



SK2 implants have protective heads made of PTFE and POM-C that allow excellent soft tissue healing. The protective head with a height of 2.5 mm is indicated in performing surgery with non-submerged or semi-submerged implants.


Healing screw and protective ring

For two-stage surgery (leaving the implants submerged after placement), we recommend the use of a healing screw and a protective ring. The ring allows the use of a circular scalpel to uncover the implant in the second surgical stage with a high degree of safety.


Healing caps

SK2 implants have grade-V titanium healing caps of different heights (3.5 and 5 mm).


Usage and placement

It is recommended that the sealing and healing caps be placed manually. Sealing caps, healing caps and protective caps must be sterilized before use and are not reusable. It is important that the adapters are well preserved for use as a conveyor.

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