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SK2 is the external connection implant with a high threaded hexagon (1.8 mm) that offers stability and total immobilization of the prosthetic-implant unit, and is recommended for a large number of cases.

Why SK2?


Totally immobilises the implant-prosthesis unit

The prosthetic connection of the implant provides lateral stability to the prosthesis, which prevents the screws from loosening and subsequent fracture. By combining the 1.8-mm high hexagon with the thread, the unit can be completely immobilised for long-lasting results.


Quality biological sealing

The microgrooves in the implant collar promote the arrangement of fibroblasts*, increasing the quality and adhesion of the soft tissue and preventing bacterial colonisation.

*Guillem--Marti J, Delgado L, Godoy--Gallardo M, Pegueroles M, Herrero M, Gil FJ. Fibroblast adhesion and activation onto micro--machined titanium surfaces. Clin Oral Implants Res. 2013;24(7):770--780.


Prosthetic options

SK2 offers all prosthetic solutions: cemented and screw-retained prostheses as well as overdentures with individual retentive attachments.


Quick and safe surgical insertion

SK2 is a self-tapping implant that is quickly inserted thanks to its double spiral. Its progressive surgical post acts as a bone compactor, providing greater primary stability and making the use of a thread initiator unnecessary (in bones of density D3 and D4).

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