Cerabone is a natural bovine bone substitute with long-term maintenance of volume and slow resorption. It is composed of pure 100% mineral hydroxyapatite, totally safe and with high osteoconductivity due to its structure and interconnecting pores.


Why cerabone®?


Maximum safety

Due to the patented manufacturing process, which includes high-temperature treatment (> 1200 ºC), and the reliability of the raw material, cerabone is a safe product that complies with European regulatory and safety standards and guidelines.


High level of purity

The high-temperature treatment ensures the elimination of all organic components and produces a biological, crystalline and high-purity bone apatite. Furthermore, the natural porosity and structure of the product is maintained at all times.


Porous, hydrophilic and easy to handle

Cerabone is a bone substitute with a porosity of 65-80%. Because of its excellent hydrophilicity, cerabone particles quickly absorb liquids and adhere to each other, making them easier to handle. Its macropores allow rapid vascularisation and rapid growth of osteoblasts. Its micropores facilitate the capillary action of blood and therefore the rapid contact of the particles with it.


Osteoconductive structure

The structure of its particles (nano-micro-macro), the high interconnection of the pores and the rough surface provide cerabone with excellent osteoconductive properties. This structure facilitates the complete integration of the graft through optimal cell adhesion, osteoblast invasion and blood vessel growth.


Bone integration and permanent structural stability

Cerabone is a highly crystalline material as a result of the use of heat treatment in its production. Consequently, this product degrades slowly under physiological conditions, achieving appreciable volume stability.



- Socket and ridge preservation.
- Periodontal regeneration of furcation defects (Class I and II).
- Horizontal and vertical or combined bone regeneration.
- Regeneration of peri-implant bone defects.
- Periodontal regeneration of infra-osseous defects.
- Maxillary sinus lift.

*Botiss biomaterials products distributed by Klockner S.A. in Spain and Portugal

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