collacone® | collafleece® membrane

collacone® | collafleece® membrane

Porcine collagen dressings with efficient haemostatic properties. The natural porosity of collagen supports haemostasis and controls wound healing. Its collagenic structure resorbs rapidly within 2 to 4 weeks.

collacone® | collafleece® membrane

collacone® | collafleece® membrane

Why collacone® / collafleece® membrane?


Porcine collagen with haemostatic and resorbable properties

The coagulation process involves a series of complex reactions induced by the adhesion of platelets to collagen fibres, followed by the formation of a thrombus by platelet aggregation and segregation of coagulation factors. Collagen membranes and sponges facilitate the formation of a blood clot and contribute to rapid wound stabilisation. Because of the haemostatic power of porcine collagen, collafleece and collacone are particularly useful in risk patients.


Natural and safe product

Collafleece and collacone are manufactured by a process that meets the requirements under EC guidelines. The porcine dermis is carefully cleaned by means of several purification stages, freeze-dried and sterilised using gamma radiation. The unique manufacturing process provides a natural, safe and antigen-free product.


pH neutral

Collafleece and collacone remain at a neutral pH when rehydrated. The fact of remaining at neutral pH has been shown to improve degradation properties as well as the formation of microvascularisation compared to other conventional collagen membranes.


Ease of handling and application

It is recommended that these products be used in dry form. The pre-hydration of collafleece and collacone can affect their haemostatic properties. The dressings absorb blood from the wound area quickly while maintaining their integrity. Direct fixation by means of sutures or pins is not necessary. However, indirect fixation by means of cross-stitching helps to keep the dressing in place.



- Control of bleeding from minor haemorrhages.
- Schneider membrane protection.
- Post-extraction alveoli.
- Biopsy collection sites.
- Surgical wounds, such as closing donor areas for small grafts, or access to apicoectomies, etc.

*Botiss biomaterials products distributed by Klockner S.A. in Spain and Portugal

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