Essential® Cone

Transmucosal collar to promote sealing

Essential Cone is KLOCKNER's soft tissue level implant with two machined transmucosal collar heights (0.7 mm and 1.5 mm) and a unique connection that achieves high inmobilization of the attachments.

Essential® Cone

Essential® Cone

Why Essential® Cone?


High-quality biological sealing

The microgrooves in the implant collar promote the arrangement of fibroblasts*, increasing the quality and adhesion of the soft tissue and preventing bacterial colonisation.

*Guillem--Marti J, Delgado L, Godoy--Gallardo M, Pegueroles M, Herrero M, Gil FJ. Fibroblast adhesion and activation onto micro--machined titanium surfaces. Clin Oral Implants Res. 2013;24(7):770--780.


Tight To Cone, the total immobilisation of the prosthetic attachment

Tight To Cone (ttc) attachments create a cold weld to the internal cone of the implant, eliminating the connection gap and potential bacterial leakage.


Shot Blasted by KLOCKNER

The surface hardness of the titanium is increased through the blasting of aluminium oxide particles. Acid passivation protects the implant from ion exchange with the environment and, therefore, from corrosion of the material. All this increases the implant-bone contact surface and the fatigue resistance of the material, as well as encouraging the proliferation and growth of osteoblasts*.

*A. Rodríguez-Hernández, E. Espinar, J.M. Llamas, J.M. Barrera, F.J. Gil. Alúmina shot-blasted particles on commercially pure titanium surfaces prevent bacterial attachment. Materials Letters 92 (2013) 42-44


High primary stability

The design of the surgical body (progressive core and double coil) combined with Essential Cone's surgical sequence, offers an implant of the highest quality, easy insertion and high primary stability. The use of the countersink eliminates the risk of overcompression of the cortical bone at the time of implant insertion without altering the primary stability of the implant.


Complete, intuitive and user-friendly prosthetic system

Essential Cone has a wide range of prosthetic solutions for the rehabilitation of any clinical need. KLOCKNER helps the clinician to choose the best prosthetic solution through its Prosthetic Sets*.

*The PROSTHETIC SET includes the various abutments and components necessary for implant restoration in a single package.

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