Surgical Box Essential®

Any Essential Cone at your fingertips

The Essential surgical Kit contains all the items you may need for the placement of the Essential Cone implant. Marked with an alphanumeric and colour code, you will find all the drills, profilers, adapters and drivers needed for Essential Cone implant placement and restoration.

Surgical Box Essential®

Surgical Box Essential®

What can I find in the box?



Different colour-coded diameters, matching the colour of the various implant diameters, for easy identification of the final drill.


Thread initiators

The thread initiator allows you to tap the thread of the implant. It is normally used for the entire length of the implant in cases of bone type D1 and D2. In bone type D3 and D4, only a cortical tap is necessary.


Profile Drills

Profile Drills are used to drill the cortex and protect it from unwanted tension or compression during implant placement.


Alignment pins

Alignment pins have a double function. They help you to measure the drilling depth and allow you to check the insertion axis being drilled.


Manual and contra-angle handpiece adapters

Both manual and contra-angle handpiece adapters will take the implants directly from the Non-Touch package and bring them into the mouth for placement.


Prosthetic drivers

The box includes the basic drivers for the Essential Cone system. They can be used to place healing caps and abutments directly onto the implant.


Torque wrench

They can be used to place healing caps and abutments directly onto the implant.


Customize your kit

The box has spaces that you can fill with other equipment that does not come in its most basic form. In this way, you will be able to customize your box by adding longer drills, alignment pins, gauges, drivers of other sizes, etc. By adding a few more items, you will be able to convert your Essential Kit into an internal connection surgical Kit that can also be used to place VEGA and VEGA+ implants.

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