Quality and affection since 1987.

The Klockner family

In KLOCKNER, like our implants, has many fixed and immovable things: respect to our history, vocation to education, the firm will to science-based innovation and narrow relationship with our customers by means of our service.

Our history marks us: we are a company established in 1987, pioneers in the Spanish dental implantology market with more than 1.5 million placed implants in patients.

Oureducation programmesand the bet for innovation and science define our culture: we have 5 university chairs all over Spain, an education programme of more than 160 annual events and work together with 20 scientific societies in Spain, Portugal and Unites States.

Our outstanding scientific committee is formed by prominent and referent professionals in its respective disciplines (odontologists, stomatologists, biotechnicians, engineers, etc), that are part of our team of more than 50 Key Opinion Leaders.

Service is our principal value: we are the best strategic partner for our customers thanks to our broad portfolio of integral solutions, a network of more than 40 sales consultants and a commitment of the rest of professionals that are part of KLOCKNER.

There are many fixed things in KLOCKNER, even the idea of never fixing us a limit.

Freedom is not fixed


Creation of Klockner Implant System
In 1987, Dr Padrós, with the help of a group of professionals committed to scientific rigour, designed an external connection implant that represented an improved version of the universal connection implant. Klockner Implant System was created with the aim of bringing innovation and development to the market.
Shot Blasted Surface by KLOCKNER
As a result of the research carried out by Professor Javier Gil* which shows that roughness improves the time and quality of osseointegration, Klockner Implant System began using its Shot Blasted Surface on all its implants. Because of its clinical success, KLOCKNER continues to use the same treatment today.

*('Biomedical Applications of Titanium and its Alloys'. F.J. Gil, J.A. Planell. Journal of Biomechanics 1(1) (1993)).
Klockner Ball Attachments
In 1994, Klockner launched its innovative Ball Attachment System. An individual attachment for overdentures, which corrects the angle of insertion of the implant and was very well received on the Iberian Peninsula, making Klockner Implant System known at a European level.
Threaded Expanders
In 1996, Klockner its Threaded Expanders. It was the first of many innovative products launched by the company, aimed at large bone regeneration surgeries.
In 1997, Klockner moved its production to SOADCO S.L., located in Andorra. This move brought the highest standards of quality and safety to Klockner Implant System production.

That year, it obtained the CE mark, EN--ISO 9001 and UNE--EN 46001 for its entire production process.
Klockner Surgical Collar and Body
As a result of years of research, Klockner Implant System applied to all its implant collars the machining technology. This machining was specially designed to improve the adhesion and quality of the soft tissue, guiding and lining up the growth of fibroblasts.

In addition, a modification was made to the surgical body (double spiral and progressive core) that increases the thread resistance and the primary stability of the implant.
FDA Certification
In 2002, by becoming certified by the Food Drugs Administration, SOADCO S.L. showed that it meets the highest global manufacturing standards and settled the basis for marketing the Klockner Implant System brand worldwide.
KLOCKNER Chair - UPC (Polytechnic University of Catalonia)
In 2006 Klockner Implant System formalised its relationship with the UPC through a research chair directed by Prof. Javier Gil, the subject of the chair being the development of biomaterials and biomechanical behaviour.

KLOCKNER is part of a select group of pioneering research companies with research chairs at the UPC.
Launch of Essential Cone
Klockner made a forward-looking commitment to the internal connection and, to this end, strengthened its Scientific Committee, led by Prof. Javier Gil, with the incorporation of Drs. Mariano Herrero, Pedro Lázaro and Carlos Falcao.

As a result of this work, the internal connection implant with machined collar was launched on the international market: Essential Cone.
Klockner of North America
Klockner expanded internationally to the United States by opening offices in Miami, Florida.
KLOCKNER Chair - University of Seville
The KLOCKNER - University of Seville Chair, directed by Dr. Pedro Bullón and aimed at the research and clinical development of Klockner Implant System, was created
KLOCKNER Chair - San Pablo CEU
The KLOCKNER - San Pablo CEU Chair, directed by Dr. Manuel Fernández and aimed at stem cell research, was created.
KL implant, the universal external connection
To meet the needs of the Spanish market, Klockner Implant System launched the KL implant, the universal connection implant with the company's own design and manufacturing standards.
OPTiMUM, new generation titanium
Through a project developed jointly with ZAPP, Klockner Implant System created a new generation titanium, OPTiMUM.

Optimum is a grade IV titanium that increases the elastic limit and improves mechanical properties by 64%.
VEGA, designed to protect the cortical bone
VEGA was introduced in 2015. An internal connection implant with platform-switching and a design in the coronal portion that allows for improved load distribution and helps to maintain the crestal bone level.

Thanks to the OPTiMUM titanium, the VEGA family has implants with narrow diameters of up to 3.0 mm.
KLOCKNER Chair - UIC (International University of Catalonia)
The KLOCKNER - UIC Chair, directed by Dr. José Nart and aimed at the prevention and treatment of peri-implantitis, was created.
ContacTi, the surface the bone was waiting for
After more than 15 years of research, Klockner Implant System introduced ContacTi, the new bioactive surface that dramatically accelerates biological stability and allows final loading after four weeks.

Especially suitable for immediate loading, early loading and risk patients.
KLOCKNER Chair - University of Granada
The KLOCKNER - University of Granada Chair, directed by Dr. Pablo Galindo and aimed at the basic and clinical research of Klockner Implant System, was created.
KLOCKNER Chair - Complutense University of Madrid
The KLOCKNER - Complutense University of Madrid Chair, directed by Dr. David Herrera and aimed at basic and applied research in dental implants, was created.
Launch of VEGA+, tissue harmony
A new implant was developed as a result of the need for new treatments. A more conical implant designed for placement in post-extraction sockets and for immediate loading treatments.