Ball and socket attachments and K-LOCK abutments: flexibility and comfort for patients.


Ball and socket attachments

The Essential Cone ball-and-socket attachment system consists of ball connectors of different transmucosal heights and angles (the latter with the ttc* system) and a plastic cap that enables the overdenture to be properly fitted. The design of these 6º double-cone ball connectors accurately centres the attachment and produces a "cold weld" effect in the final placement of the prosthesis, applying a torque of 30 Ncm.

*ttc (Tight To Cone): The TTC system consists of a screw with two threads, one clockwise and one anticlockwise. The clockwise thread at the apex of the screw fixes the abutment to the implant. he reverse thread, located approximately in the middle of the screw, performs the self-ejection of the abutment. The screw must be screwed into the abutment correctly: the anticlockwise thread is to be screwed in anticlockwise. Finally, the clockwise thread can be screwed in clockwise.


K-LOCK abutments

The Essential Cone prosthetic system of 3.5, 4.0 and 4.5 mm diameter implants provides the ability to use K-LOCK abutments for the fabrication of overdentures. Depending on the requirements of each case, abutments with different transmucosal heights of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 mm are available with a pink TiCn pink surface that blends in perfectly with the soft tissue.

The use of one type of connector or another is appropriate according to the case. There are connectors with different degrees of retention for the correction of divergences between implants of up to 20º and 40º.

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