An ideal option for those patients who are totally or partially edentulous with anatomical constraints.



K-LOCK abutments

New Klockner overdenture attachment for VEGA and VEGA+ implants with a pink TiCn pink surface that blends in perfectly with the soft tissue.


Pink TiCN surface

The titanium carbonitride surface treatment offers mechanical properties such as abrasion resistance, surface hardness, as well as total safety against cytotoxicity, extending the lifetime of the abutment.


Different transmucosal heights

Depending on the requirements of each case, abutments with different transmucosal heights of 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 mm are available.


Choice of connectors according to paralelism

The use of one type of connector or another is appropriate according to the case. There are connectors with different degrees of retention for the correction of divergences between implants of up to 20º and 40º.


Double retention

The patented double internal and external retention provides the Locator anchor with a larger retention surface than any other anchor so far. The retention combination also ensures a prolonged duration of the system over time.


Rotational attachment

The pivoting design of the Locator connector provides an elastic connection for the prosthesis without any loss of retention. The connector remains in full contact with the abutment fitting, while the titanium housing of the denture can be fully rotated.

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